Ayurveda Massage in Manuela´s Villa - our wellness offer for you!
Ayurveda is a well known word for everybody who is interested in alternative medicine. However, it is not medicine. It is one of the oldest known part of the medical science - developed 5000 years ago.

Ayurveda is more than just a collection of botanical medicine. It is the way to a long and healthy life and is able to support general medicine. There are two aims: on one side it treats with the symptoms of a disease, on the other side it supports the immune system to avoid new ones. Ayurveda considers the spirit, the body and the soul as one union and is based on the idea that spirit and body influence each other. Trough that they overcome diseases together.

Price for our Ayurveda massage (duration: 1 hour):
3000 rupees / 18 euros / 23 dollars

per CreditCard (i.e. MasterCard, VisaCard) or PayPal possible. Questions? Please contact family Nuesslein, phone: 0049-9175486, e-mail: info[at]rotes-ross-spalt.de.

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