Region & Location

Sri Lanka, known until 1972 as Ceylon, is an island country in the northern Indian Ocean of the southern coast of the Indian subcontinent and counts 20,6 Million people. The smallest distance between India and Sri Lanka is 54,8 kilometers/34 miles. (source: Wikipedia)

Beruwala, which counts 35.000 people, is located in the south of the capital city Colombo in Kaluta-Dirstrict in the western province of Sri Lanka. It is connected with the railroad line Colombo-Galle. Furthermore, in the south of Beruwala there are Alutgama and Bentota, which are both very famous among the tourists.

In the 8th century, Arabic merchants, who traded with spices and gems, had been already settled down here. The descendants of them, called Moors, are mostly still in the gem business.

Your vacation residence is placed at one of the most beautiful beaches of Sri Lanka. The sandy beach reaches 130 km / 81 miles from the Bentota river mouth to the south of Sri Lanka. Off the coast, there is a coral reef, which recovered well after the tsunami in 2004. Since several years, it has been the main attraction for the tourism industry. Moreover, there can be found a tropical fauna and flora. Some ocean turtle even use parts of the beach for their egg deposition.